Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and that means another opportunity to get crafting! If you’re looking for a simple way to enjoy the day a little longer with your kids or any other loved ones in your life, set up a Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar. I know. It sounds like a lot of work, but the nice thing about this calendar is you can make things as simple or complex as you’d like! Read on to see the basic setup, explore some ideas for activities, and then let your imagination take over to make a Valentine’s Day countdown calendar of your own. 


    • 3 sheets of 8.5”x11” construction paper or cardstock in assorted Valentine’s Day colours
    • String, ribbon, or yarn
    • Hole punch and/or scissors
    • Glue stick


    Step 1

    Cut out 14 larger hearts and 14 smaller hearts out of the paper. During this step, if they’re old enough, get your kids to help cut out the shapes under adult supervision. At this stage we also added a few ideas for activities to the larger hearts and cut out numbers from 1 to 14 since we used a cutting machine. 



        Step 2

        Once all the cutting is done, add activities to the larger hearts that your child(ren) can complete each day until Valentine’s Day. The activities you choose will depend on you and your time and your child’s/children’s interest. Here are some ideas you can use:

        • Candy. Hide a candy, and have your child(ren) look for it.
        • Dance Party. Get some music going, and get moving with your child(ren). 
        • Tag. Have a game of tag. 
        • Make cards. Set aside a day to make Valentine’s Day cards with your child(ren). 
        • Make cookies. Get out the baking sheets and make a batch of Valentine cookies to decorate!
        • Silly Photos. Challenge one another to take the silliest Valentine themed photo. 
        • Go sledding. Take some time to head out and hit the toboggan hill. 
        • Breakfast for supper. Make up pancakes, eggs, hash-browns, or whatever breakfast treat you’re in the mood for, and have a breakfast supper!

        Alternatively, leave some blank, and fill them in as you go through the month when you have a better idea of what you’re interested in completing each day.


        Step 3

        When you have all your cards filled in with the activities, attach the smaller hearts to the larger hearts being careful to make sure you can still flip the smaller hearts over to reveal the activity underneath. Glue the numbers to the smaller hearts.



        Step 4

        Using a hole punch, put a hole in the top of the larger hearts, then attach the hearts to the string or yarn either by threading the hearts on the string or by attaching each heart to the string with another piece of string. Attaching the hearts separately to the string will allow them to lie more flat.


        Step 5

        When all the hearts are attached, you're ready to put up your calendar! Each day of the month of February up to Valentine's Day, have your child(ren) find the number on the calendar to reveal the activity for the day. If you prefer, you can have the child(ren) remove the heart of the day from the string rather than leaving it on. Have fun!

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