About Us

Welcome to our site PipaMango, a newly formed small business run by two sisters from Edson, Alberta.

While PipaMango is just getting started in the business world, the knowledge and experience behind the store is anything but new. Before creating PipaMango, we started our business journey working as shipper/receivers in a busy powersports store in our home town. That opportunity provided us invaluable and memorable experiences when it came to business and customers over the multitude of years that we were able to work for that company.

Following that start several years ago, we both pursued education and careers in accounting and bookkeeping. Eventually each of us welcomed our children to the world, and it’s from our current careers as full time parents that brought about the idea for PipaMango.

PipaMango is focused on sharing products and ideas we believe bring convenience and entertainment to your home and family. Whether you’re looking for a gift, party planning ideas, personal care products, household products that reduce waste, or something to keep you and your kids busy, we hope you’ll find inspiration at PipaMango.

Thanks for stopping by, and please check back often for new products and ideas as we continue to grow our business through your help!

 PipaMango Team