One Day at a Time

The structure was taking shape piece by piece. With each new addition, the shadow it cast in the morning light stretched further and further. The increasing mass was impressive, but it had an air of evil to it. Unlike a mountain stretching from earth to sky, the size of this was unnatural: its massiveness was created by the hands of humans. Anything human created always hints to uncertainty. People are capable of great things, but many creations beginning with love and good intentions have fallen when they reach fruition. The functioning of reality has a way of altering theories put into practice. In concept, it was a representation of love: pure love and an innate yearning to care for and nourish others. In execution though, it felt more overwhelming and a use of resources that were badly needed elsewhere. I knew I had to do something about it: I had to wash the ever increasing stack of dishes the kids and myself were accumulating by the sink before it fell over, and I was getting tired of eating handfuls of cereal to avoid creating more dishes. I knew it was a temporary fix though, unless I could figure out how to afford takeout every day. Until then, the cycle continues.

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