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The other day I was doing some cleaning, and I wound up with a pile of paper scraps from projects I attempted with my Cricut®. I didn't really know what to do with them because they weren't so small they could be thrown into the recycling bin right away, but they weren't large enough to make a card out of. So, what do you do with bits and pieces like that? Enter the simple yet fun and practical bookmark! 

This was a fun and quick project that used up some of my paper scraps quite nicely. I decided to go with a Mom theme because Mother's Day is on the horizon, and this is a project that can be done by an adult with a Cricut® like I did, or you can simply cut out some scraps in a rectangle, colour it yourself or let your child add their touch, use a hole punch at the top, and then attach a string at the top as a tassel. 

I uploaded the SVG file included at the end of this article to Cricut® Design Space as a cut file, and the got together a red and white scrap of paper that measured at least 2"x6" to cut out the front and back rectangles as shown below. 

Mom bookmark with heart instead of an O not yet assembled

Once I had a front and a back, I glued the two pieces together with the holes for the tassel lined up at the top. A glue stick worked nicely for this, and it's something a child could use to assemble the two pieces. 

 Mom bookmark with a heart instead of an O assembled without tassel

All that was left was attaching the tassel. I used a coloured piece of baker's twine I had, but any type of string you have lying around would work. And that was all there was to this project. Pair this with a book for your mom for Mother's Day, or let your kids give her a just because gift. It's a simple project, but I hope you enjoy it!

You can make use of the PDF file below if you'd like to print out a copy for colouring in and cutting by hand, or the SVG file if you'd like to use a Cricut® to make this. 


Get a copy of the SVG file here

Get a copy of the PDF file here




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