Reading Log

As a child, I recall reading regularly. Stories that intrigued me kept me up well past the time I should have gone to sleep, and a lot of those stories have remained in my thoughts and emotions to this day. I still can't walk past a lamppost without imagining the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

A joy of reading is one thing I would like to foster in my own children, but there are days where just getting teeth brushed seems like a major win. Sometimes in the day to day tasks, I forget how long goes between stories, and this is where a reading log comes in. I like to have a visual reminder of how often, or not often as the case may be at times, my children and I are sitting down to read.

If you're anything like me and would like your own reading log, please feel free to use ours which you can find by clicking this link. Happy reading!

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