Ways You Know Summer in Alberta is Almost Over

Here Comes the Sun!


Just kidding. That’s not the sun. Those are the 10,000 Lumen LED headlights from the oncoming truck as it crests the next hill on the highway. We bid you adieu long summer days and enter the late sunrises and early sunsets that accompany fall and winter in Alberta. Truth be told, ever since the middle of June we began a descent of daylight hours, but now there is no avoiding the reality.

Winter Tire Ads Start Showing…And you Start Paying Attention

 Vehicle Tires
“Can I get another season out of my current set?” “If I start saving now, will I have enough money set aside by the time I really need them?” “I’ve never had winter tires before. I should be fine…or will I?”
When you first see a winter tire ad, you might think, “this is ridiculous. It’s too early for winter tire ads”, but the safety and practical side of you starts to slide those questions above into your daily thoughts. Sadly, the realization that summer is almost over starts to hit you at the same time. Now, what kind of winter tires are you thinking of getting?


Your Just in Case Supplies Start to Increase in Volume and Scope


Do you have a raincoat just in case it pours later? What about a sweater when it gets cooler at night? Is it cold enough for your winter coat? Do you have kitty litter? Why do you need kitty litter again? Forget the days of your just in case supplies being a pair of flip flops and a swimsuit. You need to gear up for that season change. Have kids? Better triple that just in case list. Goodbye summer and extra space in your vehicle.


Maybe My Hands are Itchy for no Reason

 Four hands joined to form a square

Nope! You can kiss those humid summer days goodbye, just not without lip balm or you’ll experience the typical dry lip burn of fall and winter. Those cracks and red hands are settling into place for the next eight months. But let’s be honest, you were getting tired of that soft summer skin anyway. Welcome to the season of lotion.


One Last Way You Know Summer in Alberta is Almost Over

 Section of a calendar

Get ready for another way you know summer in Alberta is almost over. This one will bend your mind. Look at a current calendar. Does it say the month is July or August? No? Then summer in Alberta is almost over. I know. This is shocking news, but this is Alberta. And summer doesn’t last forever. We hope you are enjoying yours!

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