Beverage Bombs Mochaccino Gift Pack

Beverage Bombs Mochaccino Gift Pack

Beverage Bombs
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Get a delicious perfectly mixed coffee wherever you can find a cup of boiling water with a Beverage Bomb Mochacinno gift pack. Throw a pack in you desk at work, keep some in the cupboard, or even throw a bag in with your camping gear to enjoy a perfectly blended and mixed cup of coffee with just the addition of hot water. Looking to up the indulgence level? Make a latte by adding in some milk or cool down in the summer with an iced coffee.

Gift packed in 6 with brew bags.
Rich medium coffee masterfully combined with pure cane sugar, extracts & flavours for an amazing taste experience. (mid caffeine levels)

Coffee & Latte Directions:

Coffee - Place the bomb in one of our brew bags (included) or a fine mesh infuser basket & place in 12-14oz mug.  Add 1.5 cups boiling water steep 5 min. *cut bomb into pcs. if you want to reduce steep time.

Latte - add 1 cup boiling water let steep 5 min. add 1/2 cup of heated/foamed milk or alternative, wait another 3-5 minutes, stir & enjoy!  Use all milk/dairy alternative if you prefer a richer latte.

Iced Coffee - prepare as above reducing liquid by 1/2 cup. Cool slightly and pour over glass of ice.

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, Belgian chocolate coffee, water, organic cacao nibs, cinnamon & pure vanilla extract.